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Structural Steel Frames

Structural steel frames are very popular and they are ideal for a variety of construction projects. They can be erected by a professional construction team, and they are highly versatile and very durable as well.

When you have a building project, the frame forms one of the crucial parts of the entire structure, which is why you should use a durable and cost-effective material to work with. Steel is very popular as it offers incredible strength and durability, as well as the option of being very versatile to be used in various construction and building products.

Steel is a very popular metal, especially since it’s versatile, strong and great for s variety of environments. You can depend on a steel frame, which is why it is used too often in construction projects. But steel is not only used in larger buildings; steel frames can also be used in smaller projects like residential construction projects. Steel can be manipulated in many different ways, making it ideal for any environment. 

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Goal Post Frame

A goal post frame is generally used in building projects that have suitable foundations available. These specific frames allow you to cut a large aperture into the building itself, in order to provide additional support for the fabric above. This will help with stability of the entire building, as it will help you transfer the weight load. Goal post frames are used where foundations are solid, as they will help to carry a lot of weight for the structure.

Goal Post Frame

Butt Splice

One of the most popular connections when it comes to building with steel is a butt splice. This is a connection that is normally used to join a beam that consists of two separate parts. These parts can then be easily joined together, and they also offer additional strength and structural durability. This type of splices are often used at around one-third of the total length of the beam. Multiple butt splices can be used to join beams, making them versatile and strong as well.

4 Plate Splice

If you need to make use of a splice that can incorporate a little more, you can consider using a four plate splice. It can help you to join four bolted plates together, and these plates are drilled and then bolted across two different beings. It’s also a stronger splice to use. Countersunk bolts can be used in areas where additional head space is crucial, making these splices even more versatile. High strength friction grip bolts can be used to strengthen these connections even further. 

Cranked Roof Frame

Cranked Roof Frame

A cranked roof frame SAA very interesting design and it is usually used to accommodate a larger roof space. This frame is often used to replace traditional vertical supports in a room, thereby creating a larger living space for you to benefit from. These roof frames also come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be custom-built for your specific construction needs. There are many times where a room or area needs to be larger, so to accommodate this, cranked roof frames are used. They allow you to enjoy more space, without having to compromise on strength.

Juliet Balcony

A Juliet balcony is often used in projects that include loft conversions. These balconies are often used at doors need to be opened inward, and you have to reduce the risk of falling. Keep in mind that there are a few standard building regulations that you have to adhere to, especially when you install Juliet balconies. Juliet balconies are often used in loft areas since they have specific requirements and safety is always one of the top priorities for any construction or renovation project.

Notch And Cleat Connection

A notch and cleat connection is a common connection type that usually joins together two beams, where one runs into the other. The flanges of the joining beam are notched back so that it fits into the accepting beam. The two beams are connected in a T-formation. These connections are popular in building construction projects as they can join beams together, making it easier to connect different parts of the structure’s frame. 

Fish Plate Splice

A fish plate splice usually refers to a splice used for location purposes, and it cannot withstand a very heavy load. The connection usually uses one or two pre-drilled web plates, and it is often used to connect two beams together, where they share the same support. Since they cannot support too much weight, they are not really considered to be supportive to the overall structure.

Portal Frame

A portal frame is a very commonly used piece of steel construction. It has columns as well as horizontal rafters, and the design makes use of connections that stop lateral movement. This helps the overall structure to stand together as one complete unit. These portal frames are generally used in a variety of commercial and industrial building projects, and they can be part of a continuous steel frame within a specific space.

Portal Frame

Flitch Plate

A flex plate refers to a plate that is drilled to provide additional strength to timber joists. The timber can be bolted to either side of this plate, and this allows you to have the timber span across larger distances. It is a great alternative where steel would normally be required.Timber can be strong, especially when joined together, which is why flitch plates are quite popular and handy too. 

Box Frame

Another popular item to use is a box frame, which is used to support the building. It accomplishes this by transferring the load through its columns down to the ground and the foundations. This is also a great solution if you are looking to remove a bearing wall. The structure consists of a top beam, a ground beam, and 2 columns. They are joined together with welded plates. Supporting a structure’s weight is essential and this is why box frames are often used in especially larger construction projects.

Beam And Bottom Plate Lintel

You may also need a beam and bottom plate lintel. It can be used in a variety of construction projects, but it's most common use is to support the building, especially when support needs to be hidden from one side. You can use these beams to support an internal block, over which you will apply plaster.

Back To Back Parallel Flange Channel

When we refer to a back-to-back parallel flange channel, this usually indicates 2 steel beams that are bolted against each other, specifically when you need a greater width of steel support. You can slightly space these two steals apart, to provide a clear cavity in between.

With so many different steel products available, it’s easy to see why steel is such as versatile metal to work with. Not only does it provide you with all the strength and durability you need, but it is also a very versatile material to work with and this means you can create steel accessories and products that suit your specific needs.

Steel can be modified according to your needs, which is why it can be seen in construction projects in all industries. Steel can last for decades and needs minimal maintenance. Steel products are often used to help support a large structure, as it’s very strong and reliable.

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