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Types of RSJ Universal Steel Beam

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  • 26-10-2017
Types of RSJ Universal Steel Beam

Types of RSJ Universal Steel Beam

We are the primary distributor of RSJ Beams (Rolled Steel Joist) in London and the UK. Although we are based in Kent, we provide across the entire of the UK.

All the joists are properly produced, drilled and painted for your requirements. An RSJ Beam is also called an I-beam, H-beam and numerous other names. 

Universal Beam (UB)

  • 'I' designed beam, however, could also be called 'H' Shaped (steel RSJ) light beam
  • Universal Beams are always more than their width
  • Dimensions range from 127mm high to 915mm high

Universal Beam/ Column (UC)

  • It could likewise be called 'I' designed light beam or an 'H' designed light beam
  • Dimensions range from 100mm high to 305mm high
  • Originally designed for use as posts or columns. However, today's current usage is more frequently in that of a standard light beam.

This is mainly because of its lowered elevation and boosted strength as a beam of light.Dimensions - UC's been available in basic dimensions and its height and width are constantly the very same.

Identical Flange Channel (PFC)

  • Referred to as 'C' beam of light
  • Sizes vary from 50mm high to 400mm high
  • The old term made use of for PFC was RSC or rolled steel channel this could still be asked for

We are the number one supplier of RSJ in Kent, London and across the UK so that we could provide small and large orders promptly, every single time. Contact us today for more information on 02083 118 642.